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Sometimes When I Can’t Sleep, I Cook… Chori-Pollo Dip   

Lately worry has been an almost constant in my life. Our youngest grandson 💙 has been in the NICU since his miraculous birth day about 6 weeks ago. Each day he is here continues to be such a miracle and I am thankful about that. 

But, this Nanna sometimes needs a distraction. So getting up at 4am because I can’t sleep anyway and needing a distraction…

cooking sure can help. 🙂 

Of course I saved the putting together of this dish for my lunch/snack, it sure is tasty

Here’s what you need. Plus a 1/4 cup water. 

Begin to cook up your Mexican chorizo. Here is what the package looks like, in case you were wondering. It’s a soft sausage. Use 1/2 the package for this recipe. 

Slice 1/2 an onion thin 

Cook the onion until soft 

Cook the chorizo until cooked, it will begin to get a tiny bit crispy when it’s done. 

Here my onions are half way there…

Dice into small cubes 8oz of velveta cheese, add the 1/4 water and the cheese to a microwave safe bowl. Heat the cheese a minute at a time, until melted, mix well in between each minute. It does not take long. 

Dont’t forget to add in the water. 

Dice up 4 pieces of cooked chicken tender pieces. Or, use about 1 cup of cook cubed boneless chicken of your choice. 

(the portion here is 1/2 of all ingredients, a full portion would serve 4 just dandy)

So layer a sauté pan or a shallow type bowl with the melted Cheese, the chicken, the onions and finally the chorizo. 

Best served right away, make sure all your ingredients are warm as you put this mixture together. Or make it and keep it warm until service. 

This is great served with chips. 

Or… I totally see this as a burrito or taco stuffing. 

Add topping of your choice, cilantro, sour cream, fresh sliced jalapeños would be fab additions, or whatever else you might fancy. 

Enjoy!  g. 

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