Month: June 2016

Chile Charring 101 

I’ve been craving the flavor of green chiles. I decided to oven roast some using my oven broiler setting. I did more than a few 😉 some I will freeze for later use.  Here’s how to…  Rinse and dry the chiles with a paper towel, gently dab. Place the chiles on a baking sheet Turn oven to high broiler setting Place the chiles at the closest level to the broiler (without having chiles touch the heat source) Now set your timer and every so often about 5-7 minutes, flip the chiles as they begin to char. Try to char them on all sides. The whole process should take no more than 15 minutes. You’ll need to watch them closely as to not over char.  Once the chiles are done remove them from the oven Carefully place (they’ll be quite hot to the touch) each chile into a paper bag (multiply chiles can go in one bag) Seal the bag (fold it over)  Place the bag (s) of chile on a kitchen towel and fold the …

Around The World In 7 Photos 

I don’t know about you but I find much inspiration in all the excellent photos I come across. I tend to get that photographer’s (though total amauter here) excited spark (all over again) and that makes me want to  get out and shoot, asap…  7 amazing and inspiring photos by photographers with National Geographic to start your Sunday…  Here’s the link to all 7,   Around the World in 7 Photos – National Geographic Enjoy, and a happy Sunday to you all! g. 

Momma, My Dear Momma. 

I’ve been somewhat off the radar lately. My mother passed away the 1st week of June. Since then life has been so very all over the place, stressful, dreadfully sad, delightful, blessed and all inbetween… I am so happy you are now at peace Mom, I shall see you later. ❤️ Momma My Dear Momma She shall live on in her children, her grandchildren, and indeed her great grandchildren too and those of course yet born every one she so lovingly touched since being born of this earth the riches she left here are many Every breathing being that owe their own life to her blessed we shall be called to have been touched by her in every blade of moving grass and beautiful clear sky day all things nature amazing her spirit now, everywhere, in every living way Love you Momma, Gina (your oldest 😉 daughter)

Salmon and Rice Delight

30 minutes is all you need, in the time it takes to cook the rice you’ll have this yummy combo on the table. I think it’s high on presentation. Pair it with a nice vegi or great salad and you are good to go.  The salmon is seasoned with mayo (yes a scant (sorta) amount of it on one side) I’m not sure what the culinary haps are that take place once the salmon is cooked, but it’s like magic! The salmon ends up having a certain creaminess factor that is to die for. 🙂  Ingredients  Salmon Olive oil spray 1 tsp – 1 Tblsp mayo per salmon portion Garlic powder  Salt  Pepper  Cooked white rice  Heat a sauté pan to medium hot Spray pan with e.v. olive oil (regular olive oil can be used, add a few drops of it to your pan and coat the pan with a paper towel)  Spread each piece of salmon with desired amount of mayo Season with garlic powder and salt (you don’t need much, just a light …

Monday’s Motivation, Master Your Stress

Working folks, stay at (work at) home moms and dads, grandbaby sitting grandparents and all care-takers, this is for you. 15 things to do when you’re stressed… I hope these tips will help you manage your everyday life stress levels. These are practical things anyone can do. Perhaps you can start off by commiting to at least one thing a week, on this list, sometime during your busy week.  Have a wonderful week all.  g. *stock photos

 Avocado and Egg Salad 

The start of a really great thing! Healthy and delish…  Ingredients 1 avocado, cubed 2 hard boiled eggs, chopped 1 Tblsp minced onion 1/2 tsp dill, dried or fresh (optional)  1 tsp lime juice 2 Tblsp plain yogurt  Salt to taste  Combine all ingredients Chill if you like Enjoy This salad is really good with whole grain crispbread.  *certainly if you are not a fan of dill, it can be omitted. I happen to love the flavor in certain recipes, like this one. 

Shrimp Scampi 

Cook your shrimp in olive oil until translucent, set aside.   Gather all ingredients including… butter, garlic, white wine, Italian seasoning, parsley, Parmesan cheese (don’t have fresh parm? use the shaker spagehetti type I did ) , s & p too.  Once the sauce is done…  Add the shrimp back in…  Top cooked spagehetti with your shrimp and sauce…  and walla, so quick to come together.  I used left over cooked pasta, that helped.  Exact measurements coming soon… g.