Sunday Cauliflower Cakes  

I used my left over cauliflower mash to make few cauliflower cakes (like potato cakes) this morning. They were quite delish!  Here’s my recipe for the mash…  Cauliflower Mashers… Spray a non stick skillet with cooking oil, I use olive in my kitchen normally, I did here too. Or you can use a scant… Continue reading Sunday Cauliflower Cakes  

Simple and Semi-Homemade Chicken Cesaer Salad 

A long healthy hike calls for a nice healthy lunch.  I did it, made it to the top!    This salad is both simple and delish. I just happened to have some chicken tenders to cook up,  Chicken Cesear Salad… that definitely worked.  Ingredients… One bag of Cesaer salad mix Cooked sliced chicken. I used… Continue reading Simple and Semi-Homemade Chicken Cesaer Salad