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Best Friends Forever Beef Bouguignon

When friends bless you beyond measure… Maybe some of you know what I’m talking about, perhaps you are also blessed with best friends that have been in your life for decades, too many to admit. Lol As far as friends go, these ladies are everything to me. They are the most fun loving ultra-supportive group one could ever ask for, I am beyond blessed to have them in my life. I treasure ever moment spent with them. I wanted to do something special for them as my life has been a complete roller coaster ride for the past year or so and I just haven’t been able to devote enough time to them. So to show my love and my continued sincere appreciation for their amazing friendships recently I decided to cook them one of Julia’s greatest specialties. Beef Bouguignon… And there it is, the star of the meal! It is so delicious. Tasty, warm and comforting. Thank you Julia! 💛 << ecial friends deserve a special table setting too. 💛 I cooked the main …

Kentucky Blues

My daughter, her husband and their children recently moved here to Kentucky. This afternoon my husband and I will head back to California after a wonderful month long stay with them, in this gorgeous state. We will miss our family here so much, but with much hope and plenty of prayer we will keep focused on the good and pray that their experiences here will enrich their lives even more so. They’ve been fortunate enough to live very near the sea in California and they’ve all enjoyed it to the fullest, now to be blessed with a house in the beautiful state of Kentucky, well, all I can do is be joyful for them, with bits of sadness mixed in as well, of course. There’s been plenty of amazingly touching moments, enough to last this Nanna good positive thoughts and wonderful memories until the next visit… On a chilly day while tucked warmly inside, to witness my young granddaughter run over to her backyard window area full of excitement to marvel at the sight of …

In Kentucky 

Arrived a few days ago, loving it already!  Almost home, well for them anyway.  On our 2nd day we took a little hike, wow such beauty in this state.  A bit of December in Kentucky.  Trying out my Ducks. 😉 Nice and warm, comfy too. An added bonus, great traction. I’m impressed.  With our grandkids.  Well my daughter and family are well on their way to getting settled in, we love the area they’ve chosen to live in and could not be happier for them.  I’m looking forward to exploring more as we continue our stay in the great and beautiful state of Kentucky.  Till next time,    g. 

Art Soiree Fun

Riverside Art Museum 11/18/2016, tonight Councilman Andy Melendrez and his beautiful wife hosted a night of art, food and fun.  Ready set! 🙂  A view from above…  Cheers!  The decor was fab If you’re ever in my neck of the woods, be sure and check out the Riverside Art Museum, it’s a fab space with great art.                                                                       g. 

Out on the Town, doing Palm Desert Fab. 

I love theme parties. One of our good friends threw a Martinis & Mid Century Modern Mouthfuls, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s glam soirée, what fun it was!  He really knows how to pull out all the stops for his guests.  It was certainly a night to remember…      Here we are with good friends of ours from Long Beach, Ca. They were doing some channeling through costumes that night.      Some of the men representing.      Thank you sweet Jerry, for treating us to yet another memorable evening! In addition to being a great host, Jerry is a wonderfully talented chef, his party food spreads are always a cut above. I hope to post a few of the foodie photos a bit later, stay tuned.  Here are some tips on hosting a fabulous party of your own… Now, pick your theme, prepare well and then… enjoy!