Tostada Bar Delight

Isn’t it great that sometimes thee most simple ingredients can create the most delectable delights?. Tostadas = maximum yumminess. Tostada shells (homemade or not) Pinto Beans Ground Turkey Lettuce Tomatoes Chopped Onion Sliced jalapeños Grated Cheese Lemon wedges Homemade (or not) salsa Your favorite hot sauce Process… pile up 😉 eat enjoy. Merry almost Christmas… Continue reading Tostada Bar Delight

Nopales & Chorizo w/a Poached Egg

Nopales are cactus here I used cooked cactus. I like using  Nopales strips in a jar. They can found in grocery stores on the ethic found isle, in the Hispanic section.  For some of you this dish might seem like a very odd and foreign thing. I assure you, if you’re looking to expand your… Continue reading Nopales & Chorizo w/a Poached Egg