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In This Life

For in this life we are broken, sometimes beyond repair But to the next one we shall pass On to eternity, completely happy at last And so for now, in this mean time Let your heart shine bright Enjoy the thought of eternity… in God’s majestic light             g. 

Torrey Pines, Oh My 

When in San Diego, Torrey Pines is one of my absolute favorite places to visit. The area offers such fantastic views of the sea. One can get in a really good workout here as well.  Parking can be found at the base of the reserve. The walk up the road to the trails is a good uphill trek and will definitely get you warmed up for the trails. On this particular visit my husband and I choose to explore the Guy Fleming Trail, which is the first trail you come to.  Torreyana Pine  A gorgeous sandstone formation  On the Guy Fleming Trail  Nice August day by the sea Love this view from the trail It was good to be back.  A pano for you Oh So Cal you do remain my fav! 💙 Torrey Pines State Beach, what a delight. 

Life On A Log 

On a recent trip to Kentucky we took another fine hike. I could not help but stop in my tracks to marvel at this very grand scene,  Life On A Log Aw mother nature, thank you. How you continually amaze me!                                                                                                     g. 

Onward and Upward, To Tenaja Falls 

I hiked up to Tenaja Falls in the Cleveland National Forest with friends recently. What a glorious area. And so it begins…  By car to get to the trail we took it’s about a 4 mile drive on a one lane winding road. Our trusty driver knew to take it slow, having completed this hike a few times already. I was just fine with the slow ride as there are many a blind corner to be manuvered along the way. The trail is about 1.4 miles over rocks and stream up to the Falls. From what I understand and as you will learn from the All Trails link above there are a few different access points to chose from. We went with the shorter trail to the water falls.  So much beauty along the way…  ​ ​ Not such a bad idea, it is mountain lion country afterall.   Hope you enjoyed this post.    g.  P.s. Next time I’d take a bit more water and a hiking emergency kit due to, no cell …

Kentucky Exploring, Morgan Conservation Park 

This park is located in La Grange Kentucky, it is a definite must explore. There are a number of trails with enough off shoots to keep you on your toes. Wear a good pair of boots or tennis shoes, you’ll need good traction in some spots. Have your phone charged up for safety purposes and to take plenty of photos too, or better yet, for photos bring your favorite camera as there are great photo opportunities around every bend.  Hmmm, where to start Not much water this time of year, just a trickle… Ok we’ve passed this sign one too many times ;/  On the right track again  Time for my yoga challenge pose. Sometimes you can find me on Instagram yoga-ing away… Husby paving the way back to our vehicle.  Such a great hike. Thanks to my daughter and son in law for a great morning hike.  On to some BBQ in old town La Grange next……. Happy adventuring friends! g. 

That Road Less Traveled

Sometimes the road less traveled can lead to beautiful things, in this case… seeing the beauty of nature on what otherwise would have been a typical trip to a nearby city was my great reward.  I am so glad I made that unexpected turn  A gorgeous glimpse of our lake, here in Eastern Riverside County I think I shall make a habit of this road less traveled.  Beauty afar, beauty, beauty everywhere.  Sometimes you don’t have to go far to feel like you’ve been somewhere special, sometimes, it’s in your own backyard. Such gorgeous everyday beauty in our world.  I invite you to take a road less traveled. You might be in for quite the treat.  I’m so thankful for that unexpected (unplanned) turn…     May you, in life, take a few amazing turns too.                                                                        g. 

Kentucky Blues

My daughter, her husband and their children recently moved here to Kentucky. This afternoon my husband and I will head back to California after a wonderful month long stay with them, in this gorgeous state. We will miss our family here so much, but with much hope and plenty of prayer we will keep focused on the good and pray that their experiences here will enrich their lives even more so. They’ve been fortunate enough to live very near the sea in California and they’ve all enjoyed it to the fullest, now to be blessed with a house in the beautiful state of Kentucky, well, all I can do is be joyful for them, with bits of sadness mixed in as well, of course. There’s been plenty of amazingly touching moments, enough to last this Nanna good positive thoughts and wonderful memories until the next visit… On a chilly day while tucked warmly inside, to witness my young granddaughter run over to her backyard window area full of excitement to marvel at the sight of …

In Kentucky 

Arrived a few days ago, loving it already!  Almost home, well for them anyway.  On our 2nd day we took a little hike, wow such beauty in this state.  A bit of December in Kentucky.  Trying out my Ducks. 😉 Nice and warm, comfy too. An added bonus, great traction. I’m impressed.  With our grandkids.  Well my daughter and family are well on their way to getting settled in, we love the area they’ve chosen to live in and could not be happier for them.  I’m looking forward to exploring more as we continue our stay in the great and beautiful state of Kentucky.  Till next time,    g. 

That Hike, Twas Nice 

If you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods (Riverside County, California), do the this hike.  The views are nice, it’s a definite workout and a great spot to sit and reflect.  Here’s some more info on our great Mt Rubidoux… Where do you all hike? I’d love to hear about your favorite spots.   g. 

Big Bear Mountain in September 

Big Bear, California Our little Airbnb on the mountain Our 1st day was fab. Weather was cool and crisp.  Yes, I’d say we were pretty high up, 7,500 feet I understand.  We arrived hungry. Highly recommend Jasper’s… located in the village  Split it, yup that’s dinner for 1 1st night… we enjoyed it, nice and cozy by the fire  Door view, aw….  Coffee in the open mountain air, sure was nice.  Here comes the sun Posole on the mountain sure hit the spot. (Posole is a Latin soup typically topped with many yummy condiments that add a tasty flair to the soup) Here’s a recipe link so you can learn more about it or even make it yourself. On our 1st morning we took a brisk walk to Pine Knot Marina  What a peaceful morning  Of course we worked up an appetite. This place is well known for delicious treats I went for the ice cream, boy was it delightful. A fudge treat on our next trip up… it’s already on the agenda!  Such a …