Kentucky Blues

My daughter, her husband and their children recently moved here to Kentucky. This afternoon my husband and I will head back to California after a wonderful month long stay with them, in this gorgeous state. We will miss our family here so much, but with much hope and plenty of prayer we will keep focused… Continue reading Kentucky Blues

Tostada Bar Delight

Isn’t it great that sometimes thee most simple ingredients can create the most delectable delights?. Tostadas = maximum yumminess. Tostada shells (homemade or not) Pinto Beans Ground Turkey Lettuce Tomatoes Chopped Onion Sliced jalapeƱos Grated Cheese Lemon wedges Homemade (or not) salsa Your favorite hot sauce Process… pile up šŸ˜‰ eat enjoy. Merry almost Christmas… Continue reading Tostada Bar Delight

Animal Style Grilled CheeseĀ 

Don’t have an In n Out in your town? Want that delicious flavor that comes with the sauce? Try this recipe, you will not be disappointed. The key is in the sauce. šŸ™‚ I pretty much followed this recipe I found on Pinterest, I am on a constant šŸ˜‰ search for yummy grilled cheese sandwich… Continue reading Animal Style Grilled CheeseĀ 

A Great Lentil Soup with Ham HockĀ 

This is such a tasty soup. Being here in Kentucky with temps in the teens this December, it will be the prefect warm up for the family just before we head out to the Kentucky Mega Cavern to see the Christmas lights. Thank goodness it’s a vehicle tour. Lol Ingredients… 3 cups lentils 12 cups… Continue reading A Great Lentil Soup with Ham HockĀ 

Four Days In LuAhvilleĀ 

Adventuring in Louisville for 4 days this month, truly enjoying the city. We are staying at the beautiful Galt House. Finding great walkable places to explore, hope you enjoy the tour. We Californias are sure learning how to keep warm here in December… About to venture out into the cold. Triple dressed here, lol. Our… Continue reading Four Days In LuAhvilleĀ