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Art Soiree Fun

Riverside Art Museum 11/18/2016, tonight Councilman Andy Melendrez and his beautiful wife hosted a night of art, food and fun.  Ready set! 🙂  A view from above…  Cheers!  The decor was fab If you’re ever in my neck of the woods, be sure and check out the Riverside Art Museum, it’s a fab space with great art.                                                                       g. 

It’s Always a Good Day to Paint. (and write of course as well) 

My husband’s an artist and I certainly don’t compare (in talent) to his skills,  but yes, it is an art form I  enjoy,  just as much as I have begun to enjoy writing these days.  Here I am, all set up in the city… ready, set, paint!  I like to watch Utube video how-to’s on painting.  You can find so many great teachers online  and follow along pausing to keep  you’re own unique pace.  Someday I hope to complete works inspired by these beautiful pieces I found online…  I’m drawn to the abstract, lately. For now, I Utube and follow along…  g. 

Plated Petals…

 Such beautiful garden art!     Follow them on Instagram @PlatedPetals     This company puts out gorgeous pieces of garden art.                   Their pieces are just stunning. A welcome addition to any garden! I was blessed enough to have them donate one of their beautiful works of art to our MS fundraising team, we were able to use it as a fundraising raffle prize, this generous donation helped us raise more funds to fight MS. How good are they, Plated Petals… doing good things.  💛  I can not wait to own one for my own yard!