Scalloped Potatoes w/Spam Of Yesteryear 

So I’ve been craving these delish scallop potatoes with spam. My Aunt, through marriage, made them from time to time and boy do they bring back some awesome and delish good foodie memories. The recipe is quite simple actually. Keep in mind this dish is a little different in that the looseness/soupiness of the finished… Continue reading Scalloped Potatoes w/Spam Of Yesteryear 

Tantalizing Tangy Potato Salad 

This about sums it up. (with the addition of a few other ingredients)  Simple ingredients yes, these I just happened to have on hand. I’d been craving something tangy for days, so naturally I went for the cocktail onions and pickles too when creating this recipe, this combo made for some very tantalizing goodness.  This… Continue reading Tantalizing Tangy Potato Salad 

Thee Best Smashed Potatoes 

Ok folks if you want wow your guests and make them fall all over you (in a good way), make them these yummy smashed pototoes.  I learnt this method of making mashed-like potatoes in culinary school, years ago. They absolutely never disappoint. In fact I’ve got my own following of smashed potato fans, I do! … Continue reading Thee Best Smashed Potatoes