Kentucky Exploring, Morgan Conservation Park 

This park is located in La Grange Kentucky, it is a definite must explore. There are a number of trails with enough off shoots to keep you on your toes. Wear a good pair of boots or tennis shoes, you’ll need good traction in some spots. Have your phone charged up for safety purposes and… Continue reading Kentucky Exploring, Morgan Conservation Park 

Tantalizing Tangy Potato Salad 

This about sums it up. (with the addition of a few other ingredients)  Simple ingredients yes, these I just happened to have on hand. I’d been craving something tangy for days, so naturally I went for the cocktail onions and pickles too when creating this recipe, this combo made for some very tantalizing goodness.  This… Continue reading Tantalizing Tangy Potato Salad 

Motivation Monday

Be inspired…  This goes for most things, right? Fitness, weight goals, finances, relationships, travel goals, etc…  I say if your desire to achieve a goal is strong, seeing or feeling day by day progress goes a long way.  I find this for myself,  In fitness… Monday through Friday workouts, whether it’s a yoga practice session… Continue reading Motivation Monday