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Death, dear friend, leaves such a sting. Your life on this earth ended in grief If only you were able to overcome your beasts Those that loved you, so many, so hurt So selfish, so cruel, that YOU just left I pray for you now as you enter life-after May you not know of any longer the sting you just left on this earth. g.  ©️PoemsbyGina

In This Life

For in this life we are broken, sometimes beyond repair But to the next one we shall pass On to eternity, completely happy at last And so for now, in this mean time Let your heart shine bright Enjoy the thought of eternity… in God’s majastic light             g. 

Goodbye To You My Love

Of this earth no more Yours a life here short Impactful, true and mighty Brave and loving warrior Boy Rest peacefully sweet grandson of mine Your Nanna will love you forever May we always honor your courageous and loving spirit and spread love like warm and comforting wisps of wind just as you did all the days of your precious life… Dylan James Martinez 7/11/2016 – 9/7/2016 ©️PoemsbyGina Miss you my love… Nanna