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Of Fright Despite

Young lives so fresh and new to life to tangle in a web they are so truly not prepared Tears words of anger, Tears Advice attitudes, really?… I think not Tears surely all response is out of fright despite it all Tears oh yes it’s fear Tears to be so young Tears attempting to survive in this world Tears we have created Tears so full of strife.

Golden Hour

Reality It’s mine alone This golden hour one so true Ideas flowing Ever knowing Reality is mine alone No voices glowing Reality is mine alone Ideas keep flowing Rise up Write down This golden hour It’s all flowing, Borderline mad? I do not know Nor do I care The ideas forever flowing… ©️ Poems by Gina


Death, dear friend, leaves such a sting. Your life on this earth ended in grief If only you were able to overcome your beasts Those that loved you, so many, so hurt So selfish, so cruel, that YOU just left I pray for you now as you enter life-after May you not know any longer of the sting left on this earth. g.  ©️PoemsbyGina