Scalloped Potatoes w/Spam Of Yesteryear 

So I’ve been craving these delish scallop potatoes with spam. My Aunt, through marriage, made them from time to time and boy do they bring back some awesome and delish good foodie memories. The recipe is quite simple actually. Keep in mind this dish is a little different in that the looseness/soupiness of the finished… Continue reading Scalloped Potatoes w/Spam Of Yesteryear 

Best Friends Forever Beef Bouguignon

When friends bless you beyond measure… Maybe some of you know what I’m talking about, perhaps you are also blessed with best friends that have been in your life for decades, too many to admit. Lol As far as friends go, these ladies are everything to me. They are the most fun loving ultra-supportive group… Continue reading Best Friends Forever Beef Bouguignon

Kentucky Blues

My daughter, her husband and their children recently moved here to Kentucky. This afternoon my husband and I will head back to California after a wonderful month long stay with them, in this gorgeous state. We will miss our family here so much, but with much hope and plenty of prayer we will keep focused… Continue reading Kentucky Blues

When Grief Goes Towards The Good… 

As some of you might recall from a few of my earlier blogs, my youngest daughter and her husband lost their infant son recently. My 7 year old grandson lost his little brother.  My grandson Dylan James lived just 6 miraculous  weeks. He spent his whole short life in the NICU ward at Kaiser Permenate… Continue reading When Grief Goes Towards The Good…