Goodbye To You My Love

Of this earth no more

Yours a life here short

Impactful, true and mighty

Brave and loving warrior Boy

Rest peacefully

sweet youngest grandson of mine

Your Nanna will love you forever

May we always honor your courageous and loving spirit

and spread love like

comforting, warm, wisps of wind

just as you did all the days of your

precious life…

Dylan James Martinez

7/11/2016 – 9/7/2016

Miss you my love… Nanna

8 thoughts on “Goodbye To You My Love

  1. Gina – I’m truly sorry and cannot imagine the devastating impact on you and your family losing your beautiful little boy must be having. He looks so peaceful in this pictures…. Angel Blessings sent to you with much love and a very big hug. xx

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      1. 2016 has been full of loss for you Gina and I really do feel for you and your family.. Take care of yourself and each other as I’m sure you are! Losing a child/grandchild is the cruellest loss to bear.. My thoughts are genuinely with you.. xxx

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