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Death, dear friend, leaves such a sting. Your life on this earth ended in grief If only you were able to overcome your beasts Those that loved you, so many, so hurt So selfish, so cruel, that YOU just left I pray for you now as you enter life-after May you not know any longer of the sting left on this earth. g.  ©️PoemsbyGina

It’s Not a Religon, It’s Just a Stretch. 

I get a little flack (via the grapevine) for actively pursuing yoga. I say to those narrow minded religious types, don’t stress.. it’s just a stretch. I’m sure some have negative visions of things they’ve come to learn about Buddhism and all, for me, it’s just a form of excerise, relaxation and a very good stretch.  Now I’m off to start my morning yoga workout. Happy day all.   g.