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Yorkshire Pudding/Popovers

A taste of England… So a few years ago my husband and I were blessed with a stay in England. Belgravia to be exact, thanks a katrillion Priya! While on this trip we had the opportunity to visit family friends in Oxford England, and so it was in Oxford that I was first introduced to the rather incredible delectable treats know as Yorkshire Pudding! Typically Yorkshire Pudding is served with Sunday Roast, a grand meal fit for any day of the week of, beef roast, gravy and sides, plus Yorkshire Pudding. The Yorkshire Pudding/Popovers are served on the plate with the roast, gravy and sides and you eat them with your meal. These Popovers are savory and super delish! Here’s the recipe I used. I just made 2 modifications. First of all I only used a 1/4 tsp oil in each popover cup. Secondly I added an exact 1/4 tsp salt to the mix. Next time I make these I will be using beef roast drippings or bacon drippings instead of the canola oil …

That Road Less Traveled

Sometimes the road less traveled can lead to beautiful things, in this case… seeing the beauty of nature on what otherwise would have been a typical trip to a nearby city was my great reward.  I am so glad I made that unexpected turn  A gorgeous glimpse of our lake, here in Eastern Riverside County I think I shall make a habit of this road less traveled.  Beauty afar, beauty, beauty everywhere.  Sometimes you don’t have to go far to feel like you’ve been somewhere special, sometimes, it’s in your own backyard. Such gorgeous everyday beauty in our world.  I invite you to take a road less traveled. You might be in for quite the treat.  I’m so thankful for that unexpected (unplanned) turn…     May you, in life, take a few amazing turns too.                                                                        g. 

Four Days In LuAhville 

Adventuring in Louisville for 4 days this month, truly enjoying the city. We are staying at the beautiful Galt House. Finding great walkable places to explore, hope you enjoy the tour. We Californias are sure learning how to keep warm here in December… About to venture out into the cold. Triple dressed here, lol. Our 1st day in the city I believe it was in the mid 20’s, we did not let that stop us, off we trotted throughly bundled up to sight-see anyway. Walking down Main St. we came across this quaint little park space. I shared a bench with this handsome Southern gent. We came across the Slugger museum. We visited the Frazier Museum, what a wonderful permenate collection and great special exhibits as well. I especially liked the Pearl Harbor exhibit, the collection is quite powerful and very moving. I was so moved by this exhibit, it is really a must see. Moving on… The Clark exhibit was fab and very informative. The way it’s set up I believe it is something …