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Yorkshire Pudding/Popovers

A taste of England… So a few years ago my husband and I were blessed with a stay in England. Belgravia to be exact, thanks a katrillion Priya! While on this trip we had the opportunity to visit family friends in Oxford England, and so it was in Oxford that I was first introduced to the rather incredible delectable treats know as Yorkshire Pudding! Typically Yorkshire Pudding is served with Sunday Roast, a grand meal fit for any day of the week of, beef roast, gravy and sides, plus Yorkshire Pudding. The Yorkshire Pudding/Popovers are served on the plate with the roast, gravy and sides and you eat them with your meal. These Popovers are savory and super delish! Here’s the recipe I used. I just made 2 modifications. First of all I only used a 1/4 tsp oil in each popover cup. Secondly I added an exact 1/4 tsp salt to the mix. Next time I make these I will be using beef roast drippings or bacon drippings instead of the canola oil …


Death, dear friend, leaves such a sting. Your life on this earth ended in grief If only you were able to overcome your beasts Those that loved you, so many, so hurt So selfish, so cruel, that YOU just left I pray for you now as you enter life-after May you not know any longer of the sting left on this earth. g.  ©️PoemsbyGina

In This Life

For in this life we are broken, sometimes beyond repair But to the next one we shall pass On to eternity, completely happy at last And so for now, in this mean time Let your heart shine bright Enjoy the thought of eternity… in God’s majestic light             g. 

Torrey Pines, Oh My 

When in San Diego, Torrey Pines is one of my absolute favorite places to visit. The area offers such fantastic views of the sea. One can get in a really good workout here as well.  Parking can be found at the base of the reserve. The walk up the road to the trails is a good uphill trek and will definitely get you warmed up for the trails. On this particular visit my husband and I choose to explore the Guy Fleming Trail, which is the first trail you come to.  Torreyana Pine  A gorgeous sandstone formation  On the Guy Fleming Trail  Nice August day by the sea Love this view from the trail It was good to be back.  A pano for you Oh So Cal you do remain my fav! 💙 Torrey Pines State Beach, what a delight. 

Life On A Log 

On a recent trip to Kentucky we took another fine hike. I could not help but stop in my tracks to marvel at this very grand scene,  Life On A Log Aw mother nature, thank you. How you continually amaze me!                                                                                                     g.