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Monday’s Motivation, Master Your Stress

Working folks, stay at (work at) home moms and dads, grandbaby sitting grandparents and all care-takers, this is for you. 15 things to do when you’re stressed… I hope these tips will help you manage your everyday life stress levels. These are practical things anyone can do. Perhaps you can start off by commiting to at least one thing a week, on this list, sometime during your busy week.  Have a wonderful week all.  g. *stock photos

Moving On

It’s Motivational Monday, here is a great article a dear friend of mine shared recently via Facebook.  This is such a good read, here you will find some practical advice on getting unstuck in your life… Maybe you are facing some challenges right now, or you might be unhappy in your current situation whether it be in your home life or in your career, my hope is that this article will help motivate you to begin to face those challenges, make life changes as you see fit and eventually move on!  g.  About moving on… by Shannon Kaiser.