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Chilaquiles with Eggs Over Easy 💃🏻

I grew up on this stuff, it was a once a week staple as I remember. I  always looked forward to it. It took me years to perfect my own recipe. I like the final dish to be a bit crunchy therefore the timing is crucial in my book. Some aren’t so picky with the crunch level of their chilaquiles for me it makes all the difference. This makes for a great dinner, in fact that’s the way I remember my mom serving it, it also makes a great breakfast or brunch entree too.  I hope you’ll give my recipe a whirl. I take a big short cut here by using store bought tortilla chips. I say, why the heck not… they are  perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection.  Gather your ingredients and chop the onion. All shown here except for the cilantro, which is certainly optional.  Cook the onion until translucent and soft. Add in the 3/4 cup of enchilada sauce. I used medium (heat level) today, use what you prefer.  I’m loosely 😉 …

Meet Ground Turkey Chipotle Albondiga (meatball) Soup, otherwise known as… Albondiga Soup! Ole’ 💃🏻

I’ve grown to prefer ground turkey over ground round in many of my cooking escapades. The flavor is more sudtle and less meaty, I like that, especially in this soup.  Here are some of the ingredients I used… A while back I happened upon these fire-roasted diced tomatoes. I really like the flavor, they do taste roasted and that can add a great flavor layer to any recipe.  Here’s the finished soup. This soup takes some effort as the meatballs need a whole start of their own, but the effort is well worth the delicious finished bowl.  I had my dad here visiting with us for a few days recently, how lucky am I?! I love cooking for him, he is always so very appreciative.  Enjoying meals together, well,  it’s a bit like going back in time with him in a most heartwarming way, as my mother prepared many of the dishes I make for him now. It’s all love in my book.  Recipe coming soon.     g.  Happy weekend all! xxoo 

Tostada Bar Delight

Isn’t it great that sometimes thee most simple ingredients can create the most delectable delights?. Tostadas = maximum yumminess. Tostada shells (homemade or not) Pinto Beans Ground Turkey Lettuce Tomatoes Chopped Onion Sliced jalapeños Grated Cheese Lemon wedges Homemade (or not) salsa Your favorite hot sauce Process… pile up 😉 eat enjoy. Merry almost Christmas and to all a good night.       g. 

Mexican Fideo

When you’re thinking about preparing your lunch (and hungry for it already) at 10:30 in the morning, you know you woke up waaaaay too early. So…  comfort food it is, then perhaps a nap!  I give you my momma’s Mexican Fideo. Pure comfort, completely delish and high in carbs, yup, oh so good!  One of these days I promise to share the recipe.   I’m off to nap. lol. I am. g.

Nopales & Chorizo w/a Poached Egg

Nopales are cactus here I used cooked cactus. I like using  Nopales strips in a jar. They can found in grocery stores on the ethic found isle, in the Hispanic section.  For some of you this dish might seem like a very odd and foreign thing. I assure you, if you’re looking to expand your taste horizons and ‘tried foods’ repertoire, this dish is worth your time. As a child I was not too keen on the Nopales my mother prepared for us, but since her passing it’s been something I crave…  For you Momma. ❤️ Nopales… I poached an egg here, you can use any type of cooked egg you like.  Start with the sauce, or salsa. You’ll find that this sauce can stand on it’s own (in a bowl that is) as a table salsa. It’s really quite tasty.  Ready to blend…  Love my lil cuisinart, it’s a fab mini The chorizo package will look something like this. These days you can find soy chorizo too.  This is what a link of Mexican …

Tacos al Pastor

Look for this packaged seasoned pork at your local grocery store it can make for a quick, easy and delicious meal! It’s really simple to prepare. Serve with toppings of your choice and a couple of sides or on  their yummy taco 😉 own.  I will add a few step by step instructions soon, for now… feel free to  follow the pics. 🙂  Here’s a Epicurios BBQ recipe version  to prepare Al Pastor pork at home.  A crockpot recipe version of Al Pastor can be found here…