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Monday’s Motivation, Master Your Stress

Working folks, stay at (work at) home moms and dads, grandbaby sitting grandparents and all care-takers, this is for you. 15 things to do when you’re stressed… I hope these tips will help you manage your everyday life stress levels. These are practical things anyone can do. Perhaps you can start off by commiting to at least one thing a week, on this list, sometime during your busy week.  Have a wonderful week all.  g. *stock photos

Motivation Monday, Help Yourself 

Here are some great reads for you, would you like to feel better and more set on solid ground in your life? Perhaps it would benefit you to consider looking at your life from a different perspective…  These books can act as… “Wise voices at your fingertips”  I’ve read one on the list and I must tell you, ever since I closed the book on the last chapter, I’ve been wanting to reread the book. I think it’s time to get around to it. We can all use a little self  maintenance at times. 

Moving On

It’s Motivational Monday, here is a great article a dear friend of mine shared recently via Facebook.  This is such a good read, here you will find some practical advice on getting unstuck in your life… Maybe you are facing some challenges right now, or you might be unhappy in your current situation whether it be in your home life or in your career, my hope is that this article will help motivate you to begin to face those challenges, make life changes as you see fit and eventually move on!  g.  About moving on… by Shannon Kaiser.

Diets Diets Everywhere

Dare to not Diet?! What great advice, from a registered dietician. I hereby declare, I dare! Dare to Not Diet Warning: this food not on any of these diets. It’s the new year and we’re in the midst of a shit storm of diet ads and articles about which celebrity lost XX amount of pounds and how. Oh, and how YOU can do it too! Googling the word “diet” feels, in the words of one of my friends, like having my soul pelted with bean bags. But I did it for you, my beloved readers, to save you the trouble of having to do it yourself. This is what I found: There are diets that will make Dr. Oz rich, that will line the pockets of Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig CEOs and shareholders (I’m looking at you, Oprah). There are diets that will help you to “magically” shed pounds with mystery injections (while you simultaneously reduce your intake to less than 1000 calories a day and… View original post 814 more words

Sometimes you just got to go with it… 

 Why can’t cervical collars be a fashion statement. I’m going for it!    Black is always in.  I’m thinking (just maybe) I’m rocking it.     My white as snow look.      Sporting my b & w polka dot look today!            4/27/2016  Yup, I have some old ailments acting up. So this is the new me (as a passenger) on long drives.  I was so excited to find a person on Etsy selling cervical collar covers. Now I can match the clothes I’m wearing, how cool is that. Cervical collar fashion fashionista, that’s moi!  This gal has all kinds of cute material to choose from. I figure it’s best to make the best of a not so best situation. 😉 Right?.  My particular situation is a little complicated, I’m okay with it.  I’ve had many years of an almost totally pain free existence. I am thankful to modern medicine for that. Now it seems as though my pain free time is up.  To explain here you go… Stay tuned for …