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Meet Ground Turkey Chipotle Albondiga (meatball) Soup, otherwise known as… Albondiga Soup! Ole’ 💃🏻

I’ve grown to prefer ground turkey over ground round in many of my cooking escapades. The flavor is more sudtle and less meaty, I like that, especially in this soup.  Here are some of the ingredients I used… A while back I happened upon these fire-roasted diced tomatoes. I really like the flavor, they do taste roasted and that can add a great flavor layer to any recipe.  Here’s the finished soup. This soup takes some effort as the meatballs need a whole start of their own, but the effort is well worth the delicious finished bowl.  I had my dad here visiting with us for a few days recently, how lucky am I?! I love cooking for him, he is always so very appreciative.  Enjoying meals together, well,  it’s a bit like going back in time with him in a most heartwarming way, as my mother prepared many of the dishes I make for him now. It’s all love in my book.  Recipe coming soon.     g.  Happy weekend all! xxoo