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Meet Me At The Inn, The Mission Inn 

Got in a quick getaway this weekend to the historic Mission Inn in Riverside California.  From the Mission Inn…  From its modest beginnings as a two-story adobe guest house in 1876 to its current position as an icon of breathtaking architecture, timeless beauty and old world charm, The Mission Inn is a place where history, grandeur and inspiration are found around every corner. The grand entry way Pool time is good time  Our Take 2 vow renewal spot some years back. Such a gorgeous space.  View below our room.  Just one of the grand hallways.  Front view of the chapel.  As seen in the courtyard.  Photo ops everywhere.  Those beautiful large doors leading into the chapel.  Took my morning coffee poolside.  Squeezed in every bit of pool time.  Needed the down time.  The Nanjing Bell  Beauty everywhere.  We shall return, again and again I’m sure of it! 

It’s Not a Religon, It’s Just a Stretch. 

I get a little flack (via the grapevine) for actively pursuing yoga. I say to those narrow minded religious types, don’t stress.. it’s just a stretch. I’m sure some have negative visions of things they’ve come to learn about Buddhism and all, for me, it’s just a form of excerise, relaxation and a very good stretch.  Now I’m off to start my morning yoga workout. Happy day all.   g. 

Monday’s Motivation, Master Your Stress

Working folks, stay at (work at) home moms and dads, grandbaby sitting grandparents and all care-takers, this is for you. 15 things to do when you’re stressed… I hope these tips will help you manage your everyday life stress levels. These are practical things anyone can do. Perhaps you can start off by commiting to at least one thing a week, on this list, sometime during your busy week.  Have a wonderful week all.  g. *stock photos

Motivation Monday, Help Yourself 

Here are some great reads for you, would you like to feel better and more set on solid ground in your life? Perhaps it would benefit you to consider looking at your life from a different perspective…  These books can act as… “Wise voices at your fingertips”  I’ve read one on the list and I must tell you, ever since I closed the book on the last chapter, I’ve been wanting to reread the book. I think it’s time to get around to it. We can all use a little self  maintenance at times.