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Tacos In La 🎶

Oh, tacos in LA!

Everyone should taco-taste in LA!

So in talking to another traveler (honestly this guy is more of an adventurer really, as he seems to always be looking for the next most fab adventure.) Well anyway we got to talking… tacos in LA.

He gave me plenty of recommendations, but I decided to start my own quest…

Best tacos in the LA/surrounding areas, join me?.

First stop… Yuca’s. I have to say I definitely was not disappointed.

The toppings here really add to the tasty goodness of the tacos.

Lot’s of goodness going on here, in this tiny little kitchen.

The tacos here are quite delish, but a little on the pricey side I think. I do love the condiments/toppings offered here though, the toppings only add to the deliciousness!

Later Yuccas.

On to…

(In East LA)

These tacos are ginormous in size! They are mega-filled with the meat/filing of your choice. This morning (for my breakfast 😊) I went with the carnitas taco. Wow probably enough meat for 3/4 tacos in each of the tacos here, I could only eat this one. Maybe next time I will ask for extra tortillas, or have some on hand at home. The salsa is good too, a little on the watery side but, tasty and not too hot.

Today I ordered 4 tacos, here is the carne asada taco and the carnitas taco, yum x 2!

I really enjoyed the carnitas taco. The meat is so flavorful, seasoned just right and oh so tender.

This one is up next. The carne asada taco. 🤩

Keep you posted…

Okay so I went for the chicken taco instead next…

It was good, but just not my fav. I guess I eat so much chicken already, it just didn’t feel like a treat. It was tasty, moist and seasoned well, it even had some red bell pepper strips in it and again this taco was chock full, yep just not my fav.

On to the most delicious Chorizo Taco at La Azteca Tortilleria…

Oh my, this was so good friends. The chorizo to egg ratio was just perfect and that mix so very tasty, and the soft, on the thicker side (so good) corn tortilla, just added to the goodness.

So are you asking yourself, what the heck is chorizo?, well here’s the short of it. I consider it a treat thing. It’s not the healthiest choice out there, but it sure is delicious!

I should mention all tacos here are $3.50, quite the bargain I feel!

p.s. keep you posted on that 4th taco, the carne asada one.

The carne asada taco was most excellente!

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