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Oh My Mollete

I recently got together with my maternal Aunt, we swapped family history and recipe stories. She shared how her grandkids love a good Mollette. Naturally I had to ask, “what the heck is a mollette?.” This hungry girl had to know, ASAP.

Here’s a link from Savuer, their take on the coveted Mollete

First off, here are some tips…

Split your bread, bolillos (found in Mexican bakeries and some grocery store bakery sections) or bun of choice, toast the halves and butter them (after hollowing them out a bit) for added decadence.

Use beans as the base layer. Cooked meat can be added as well. You could also add cooked scrambled eggs or seasoned cooked ground round or ground turkey, leftover taco meat or cooked shredded chicken, etc…

Garnish with your favorite things/whatever you have on hand. Thee Molleta is your oyster at this point!

This morning for my garnishes I used a green salsa I made previously. I used some chopped onions I had in the fridge, a bit of chopped cilantro, a pinch of crushed oregano (I’ve been on a everything is better with dried crushed oregano kick lately! Lol), and of course shredded cheese.

I am trying to watch my calorie intake but otherwise I would have gone a little crazy making a more decadent and delectable Mollete this morning.

So this Molette treat is basically an open faced ‘Torta’ but I just love the fact that it has it’s own name and can stand on its own in the decadence and fun food category.

Here’s what I enjoyed just a bit ago. Oh my yummy goodness!

I had these buns on hand. Knowing what a bolillo is like these where a good substitute for the more traditional way of making a Mollete.

Hollow out the inside a bit to hold more tasty goodness!

Don’t forget to toast your halves and butter them. A tip straight from my dear Auntie.

A Mollete, Gina style.

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