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Dutch Pancake Divine w/or without Meyer Lemon

I tried my hand at one yesterday, the result was divine!

I was gifted a bag of delish and complicated (tasting) Meyer lemons recently, a squeeze of one wedge really added to the finished product here. Use regular lemon if that’s what you have, by all means. The tartness of any lemon will add to the good flavor experience.

The second one I made I enjoyed it with a bit of regular fresh lemon juice, much 😉 powdered sugar and apricot preserves, oh my yumminess! Good combo, trust me.

Notes on the process…

I simply blended my mix. Be sure to scrape the sides halfway through the blending process. 2nd day, I mixed the batter well before adding it to my hot cast iron skillet.

Don’t fill your cast iron pan too high, that was my mistake the 1st time. It’s a balance of course no set measurement, it depends on the size of your pan and the depth of it. For my second attempt I decided to fill my cast iron skillet about 1/4 full, this worked out nicely.

Here’s the recipe I used (I followed most of these instructions, except as noted above)



I only used a tablespoon of butter. For a larger pan use more butter, enough to coat and then some. 😉


Prepare to eat (1st attempt pictured here)

2nd time

Slice and serve.

So good with a bit of melted butter, a squeeze of Meyer lemon and a hefty sprinkling of powdered sugar!

Fabulous with a squeeze of regular lemon juice, plenty powdered sugar and apricot preserves too!

Add any preserves, jam, or fresh fruit, or maybe even lemon curd. Oh, Nutella would be fab as well. I’ve seen Dutch pancakes (in my mad 😉 recipe search) presented a variety of different ways, they all look good to me.

Have a happy Sunday morning all!

Big game day huh, I will be rooting for my (sorta) hometown team today… go Rams!

Update… our Rams are in! Super Bowl for them up next, happy for this young team.


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