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Tamales 101

Well it’s that time of year, I woke up early this morning to get my batch of goodness done. Tamales at Christmastime are a tradition in my family. I can remember my paternal grandmother making them with my mom every Christmas season when I was just a girl. My mom continued the tradition… now all 7 of my siblings try to carry on this holiday family tradition. In years past I’ve turned my tamales making into an event of sorts, inviting my daughters, cousins and grandkids to join the fun. I planned Christmas crafts for the littles and breakfast time treats for all. I would certainly recommend doing this if you have the time. It makes for great family time.

Today I have been lucky enough to have my mother in law’s influence in the tamale-making department and that’s a very good thing! I believe hers are thee best. Her masa (the outer shell of the tamale) is always spot on. The thickness of her finished tamales is always just right too. This year I was lucky enough to purchase my masa at the same local meat market that she has been buying hers from for the last 5 decades or so.

This year I made shredded pork with red chile tamales with and without black olives and green chile tamales with Monterey Jack cheese.

Just about ready to begin

Here I go…

Getting a good tamale-making rhythm down.

Well on my way to getting these tender tamale morsels done.

Got my big steaming pot ready.

And here they are ready to be steamed. I made a half dozen or so no-olive tamales especially for my grandson who does not care for them too much.

Into the pot they go.

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