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Best Friends Forever Beef Bouguignon

When friends bless you beyond measure…

Maybe some of you know what I’m talking about, perhaps you are also blessed with best friends that have been in your life for decades, too many to admit. Lol

As far as friends go, these ladies are everything to me. They are the most fun loving ultra-supportive group one could ever ask for, I am beyond blessed to have them in my life.

I treasure ever moment spent with them.

I wanted to do something special for them as my life has been a complete roller coaster ride for the past year or so and I just haven’t been able to devote enough time to them. So to show my love and my continued sincere appreciation for their amazing friendships recently I decided to cook them one of Julia’s greatest specialties.

Beef Bouguignon…

And there it is, the star of the meal! It is so delicious. Tasty, warm and comforting. Thank you Julia! 💛

ecial friends deserve a special table setting too. 💛

I cooked the main course, they graciously brought wine, salad, mashed potatoes, bread and thee most fabulous desserts.

We are so blessed to have each other to lean on, through thick and thin. We share a special bond, in good times and in bad.  (just one missing here, unfortunately she lives out of state and isn’t able to make every bestie get together)

I cook from the heart. I was so happy to have my best friends over for this special home cooked meal.

I think we are just about ready.

Always wonderful convos and great laughs too.

Now on to Julia’s infamous recipe…

I cooked the day ahead. I love when the flavors of certain dishes have a chance to marry overnight. This cook ahead method adds a special depth of flavor to foods. <<b
ef=""&gt; Time to braise. <<b
ef=""&gt; Here it is just done, 3 hours later. Well worth the time and effort.

Here’s the recipe. I modified it just a bit due to my friends tastes preferences. Also, I used a stove top, low and slow,  braising technique.

Bon Appetit!   g. 

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