Onward and Upward, To Tenaja Falls 

I hiked up to Tenaja Falls in the Cleveland National Forest with friends recently. What a glorious area.

And so it begins… 

By car to get to the trail we took it’s about a 4 mile drive on a one lane winding road. Our trusty driver knew to take it slow, having completed this hike a few times already. I was just fine with the slow ride as there are many a blind corner to be manuvered along the way. The trail is about 1.4 miles over rocks and stream up to the Falls. 
From what I understand and as you will learn from the All Trails link above there are a few different access points to chose from. We went with the shorter trail to the water falls. 

So much beauty along the way… 

Not such a bad idea, it is mountain lion country afterall.  

Hope you enjoyed this post.    g. 

P.s. Next time I’d take a bit more water and a hiking emergency kit due to, no cell coverage, the threat of big critters ;/ and the somewhat rocky terrain at times. Yes you’ll definitely be in the middle of the wilderness (albeit beautiful, best to be prepared for an emergency) here.

Happy weekend friends, enjoy your day! 

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