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Motivation Monday

Be inspired… 

This goes for most things, right? Fitness, weight goals, finances, relationships, travel goals, etc… 

I say if your desire to achieve a goal is strong, seeing or feeling day by day progress goes a long way. 

I find this for myself, 

In fitness… Monday through Friday workouts, whether it’s a yoga practice session or a light weights workout, these workouts make me feel good and I’d like to think make me look a little better/more fit I mean, too. If your schedule is tight consider starting with 2/3 days of a fitness routine, starting might be your first step and that’s huge and good. Keeping up with my routine (a workout of some sort every weekday) I’m able to see bigger results as time goes on. The fact that I keep to this routine for the most part, of course (there are some days when I am just not feeling it due to pain issues, or because of other obligations and I just can’t get to it)  is motivating in of itself. On Saturdays and Sundays I don’t workout but I do continue to be health conscious where my diet is concerned. Though the weekends are my reward and usually I must admit, there’s a treat meal or two going on. Monday will always come, and I’ll be back at it. Rewards are good, when earned. 

In finances… I budget for the month, as I see myself saving money daily (because I set a daily budget and check it often) it really motivates me to keep saving as the month progresses. This certainly helps me say no to unnecessary spending. It works. I save on gas as well because I’m not constantly making Wally (Walmart), Targét (Target), mall and grocery store runs for things I really don’t need. Watching our budget closely like this has led to more and more savings, we have cut back on eating out as well and are more mindful of our daily use of water, electricity and heat. Here too each small progress step is a step in the right direction. 

I found these tips on monthly budgeting to share with you today, take a look if you like…

In Relationships… say something nice to said person once a day, compliment them on their appearance or tell them how proud you are of them (if that fits) or how much you appreciate their presence in your life or how helpful they are, they’ll feel good and so will you. It so simple to do, well, if you’re having issues with said person it might be harder to begin, but by all means do begin. Believe me, you’ll start to see how even just one daily dose of positivity can go a long way in any relationship. 

(of course relationships can be much more complicated than just this, but appreciating and respecting are quite key) 

These are just a few examples, I hope you too will be motivated to achieve little progress steps in all areas of your life.  

Why, because a little progress each day can add up to big and positive results.   

Have a happy week all.   xo, g. 

* I am certainly no expert in the Motivation field, but as of this year I do have 5 1/2 (leaning toward 6 😊 come April) decades of life experience. That accounts for something, right. 

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