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Kentucky Blues

My daughter, her husband and their children recently moved here to Kentucky. This afternoon my husband and I will head back to California after a wonderful month long stay with them, in this gorgeous state.

We will miss our family here so much, but with much hope and plenty of prayer we will keep focused on the good and pray that their experiences here will enrich their lives even more so.

They’ve been fortunate enough to live very near the sea in California and they’ve all enjoyed it to the fullest, now to be blessed with a house in the beautiful state of Kentucky, well, all I can do is be joyful for them, with bits of sadness mixed in as well, of course.

There’s been plenty of amazingly touching moments, enough to last this Nanna good positive thoughts and wonderful memories until the next visit…

On a chilly day while tucked warmly inside, to witness my young granddaughter run over to her backyard window area full of excitement to marvel at the sight of beautiful gently falling leaves on a breezy day, and to watch her face light up in noticing the changing shades of blue and purplish colors in a most beautiful sunset here, well… it makes my heart extremely happy to just know that she will continue to take magic moments like this in, and fully enjoy her time here and the beauty of this part of the country.

Their backyard view…

💖 Never stop marveling little one, at the simple beauty of nature, ever.

Oh how we will miss them all.

Let’s face it though, it is difficult to be all down when there’s so much joyful goodness around.

Sure it won’t be all good. There will be sad and lonely times, on both ends, when we all feel too separated by the many miles between us, but I will stay strong and trust that this part of their destiny, their journey here, will be a memorable, positive and amazing one, overall.

Here are more gorgeous Kentucky fall/wintery scenes I will adore until I return…

‘When Trees Look sooo Alive’. 🌟

There is something about these barren trees, the are artfully beautiful to me.

Thank you Kentucky for showing us your seasonal beauty!

Till the next time,     g. 

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