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Four Days In LuAhville 

Adventuring in Louisville for 4 days this month, truly enjoying the city. We are staying at the beautiful Galt House. Finding great walkable places to explore, hope you enjoy the tour.

We Californias are sure learning how to keep warm here in December…
About to venture out into the cold. Triple dressed here, lol.

Our 1st day in the city I believe it was in the mid 20’s, we did not let that stop us, off we trotted throughly bundled up to sight-see anyway.

Walking down Main St. we came across this quaint little park space.

I shared a bench with this handsome Southern gent.

We came across the Slugger museum.

We visited the Frazier Museum, what a wonderful permenate collection and great special exhibits as well. I especially liked the Pearl Harbor exhibit, the collection is quite powerful and very moving.

I was so moved by this exhibit, it is really a must see.

Moving on…

The Clark exhibit was fab and very informative. The way it’s set up I believe it is something both the young and old can enjoy. We found more than a few spots (as we were getting a history refresher course) we thought our soon to be 4 year old grandson would enjoy.

This museum is definitely worth a visit.

We attended the gorgeous Christmas at the Galt House event, here’s a little peek.

We decided to embark on the ‘Urban’ Bourbon Tasting Trail.

We learnt so much about the Evan Williams story.

Evan and his apprentice.

Our tour and tasting guide was fabulous.

In the style of Prohibition, our tastings were well hidden.

That’s bourbon getting bubbly.

And here we go…

Neat please.

So many bourbons, so little time.

Here’s what we tried, that 3rd bottle just 😉 $300 a pop.

The hubster learning more of the bourbon ropes.

What a beatiful tasting room.

One of the experts getting more done up…

We really enjoyed our experience at Evan Willliams.

On the reccommendation of our tour guide we went to Dish on Market for lunch, this place sure did not disappoint. Thee best fried chicken.

Well with one day left to explore, I’ll be adding to this blog soon.

Happy Sunday ya’ll!    g.  

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