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When Grief Goes Towards The Good… 

As some of you might recall from a few of my earlier blogs, my youngest daughter and her husband lost their infant son recently. My 7 year old grandson lost his little brother. 

My grandson Dylan James lived just 6 miraculous  weeks. He spent his whole short life in the NICU ward at Kaiser Permenate Hospital in Hollywood California. 

Through it all my daughter and son in law endured the agonizing roller coaster like journey of Dylan’s short but impactful life. 

It was during this period that my daughter began to understood just what a trying time having a child in a NICU ward (anywhere, under all circumstances) can be. 

Bless her heart for turning her sadness into some goodness. 

She put out a social media call for Christmas NICU care basket donations for families going through what she and her husband recently experienced. 

Before she knew it she had an office room full of loving heartfelt donations from family, friends and her church community. 

The items contained in these finished beautiful love-filled baskets will surely bring some needed comfort to the fragile hearts of those going through the difficult period of having their infant loved ones in the NICU ward. 

Though many infants go home and live long healthy lives here on earth we understand our Dylan was sent here to inspire all in the few short weeks of his brave life. 

We shall see you again sweet loving and courageous Dylan James… 

Great Grandma Jean hard at work. Having her lend a loving hand wit these was priceless.

My daughter wrapping one of the prayer blankets with love and care. 

We pray that these love filled baskets will bring some comfort to those experiencing the stress and trauma of having a baby in the NICU ward. 

The hope is that these 31 baskets and the items they contain, some logical and practical for parents and siblings of NICU ward babies not wanting to leave the hospital at crucial times, others items… just plain ole fun stuff and some items truly inspirational, all might uplift the spirits of others going through what my daughter and her family did too. 

Be #DylanStrong. 💙

This blog, in honor of you my sweet youngest grandson Dylan James, love you forever,

 your Nanna Gina. 

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  1. Merry Christmas 🎄 and may a bit of love, joy and peace surround your family this season. Such a beautiful way to celebrate Dylan James. He is blessing so many.

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