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Going To Kentucky 

Leaving our comfy California to explore Kentucky for a month. My husband and I will be there through the month of December helping our daughter, son in law and two of our grand kids with their move. 

My son in law has taken a new position with a nice promotion attached…

They left their beach condo (having rented it out) in Carlsbad California a few weeks ago and have been our home roomies since then. 

Looks like this fox is ready to make his move. 

It hasn’t all been fun and games, but it has sure been fun! Allergies have been put to the test and are now on overload. 

Momma (my daughter) had to make other accommodations for this pretty girl one night as the pet dander around our home has become too much for her over time. 

I went to work with extreme dusting and vacuuming, hoping between this and keeping the little hairy culprit pup contained in it’s own room (lol), well I’m hoping it all helps. 

An air purifier will be arriving soon to help  as well, thanks Amazon! The one I chose to purchase has high reviews, and is said to help with pet dander tremendously. 

Through it all this girl has been a trooper. 
Luckily and with good planning we’ve managed to keep her safe from her other ‘off the charts’ allergen(s), all tree nuts.  

I’m sure going to miss my early to rise breakfast partner when he leaves, my youngest grandson. 

Mom’s been crazy busy getting ready for the move, I helped with a home school science project here. 

We will all be in Kentucky by December 4th. In the meantime, they have purchased a new home, done some remodeling on it and… the large moving truck just arrived to their new home with all their things. 

They are so close to starting their wonderful new Kentuckian lives. 

I’m walking around with a big lump in my throat as I am one part very excited for them and of course so proud of them as well, but the other part, well… I am feeling quite sad at the thought of them moving away and so far from us. 

I’ve already booked our 1st return visit in February and we haven’t even left yet. Well doing this sure made me feel about better about all. My daughter and son in law have also booked a spring break trip back here to Cali., that makes me happy. 

It’s all a bit sad for all. We always knew this family would ‘fly’, but we never imagined it would be so far away from us. I know we will all be ok and life will go on,  it’s just, this transitional period we are all in is tough. 

The last few weeks have been nice, it’s been a pleasure spending so much time with them, but with only 4 days left before everything changes in big ways, that lump up there is just getting so much bigger. 

Well I’m off to start my day, pack more up and do a little more prep before leaving town for a month. 
Thanks for stopping by friends. Please wish us all luck. 

More photos and new blogs to follow once I arrive.

For now, a stock photo of the area will have to do.    g. 

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