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Big Bear Mountain in September 

Big Bear, California

Our little Airbnb on the mountain

Our 1st day was fab. Weather was cool and crisp. 

Yes, I’d say we were pretty high up, 7,500 feet I understand. 

We arrived hungry. Highly recommend Jasper’s… located in the village 

Split it, yup that’s dinner for 1

1st night… we enjoyed it, nice and cozy by the fire 

Door view, aw…. 

Coffee in the open mountain air, sure was nice. 

Here comes the sun

Posole on the mountain sure hit the spot. (Posole is a Latin soup typically topped with many yummy condiments that add a tasty flair to the soup) Here’s a recipe link so you can learn more about it or even make it yourself.

On our 1st morning we took a brisk walk to Pine Knot Marina 

What a peaceful morning 

Of course we worked up an appetite. This place is well known for delicious treats

I went for the ice cream, boy was it delightful. A fudge treat on our next trip up… it’s already on the agenda! 

Such a cool shop

BBQ’ed on the porch one night

Wine-time, everything is better from a porch on the mountain… just saying. 

Decided to hit the Castle Rock trail… here’s some great info about the trail in case you are ever so inclined!

Another highly recommend thing to do while in the area, though it’s not for the faint of heart. The views along the way are just amazing. 

Some say Edward, you decide. 😉 

Beauty everywhere you turn

Hydration and snack break

How old? 

Looking like fall’s on its way 

Castle Rock trail is fairly well marked, still… pay close attention. We almost got off the trail once, waited for others headed in the opposite direction to confirm we were on track. 

Castle Rock peeking through. We saw climbers on their way up, both young and old. The Rock is 750 ft high, not something I’d want to attempt, but I do so admire others who climb. 

Bye bye Big Bear, I can’t wait to enjoy your mountain air again! 

We’ll be back. 

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