Cloud Bread Seems Fitting… 

My cloud bread chicken and cheese sandwhich. 

Tried my hand at this low carb treat. 

Yummy little morsels of Cloud Bread goodness. 

Used this recipe with slight variations…

I added 1/4 tsp. garlic powder and a 1/4 tsp Italian dressing. No sweetner, or other seasonings. 
Also, here’s a helpful link, on how to… beat fluffy egg whites

Almost ready to roll here, in my lofty lil loft and kitchen.

Highly recommend the egg white tips up there. Check that out, nice and fluffy egg whites there. I’m pleased. 

After the egg yolk fold in, careful not to mix too hard… just fold them in gently, until incorporated. 

Ready to bake… 

In they go, baking away now. 

The finished product. 🙂 

Eating a tasty cloud bread cheese sandwhich now. Lol 

My only regret… is that I did not double the batch! Ha. 

Happy weekend, g. 

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