Momma, My Dear Momma. 

I’ve been somewhat off the radar lately. My mother passed away the 1st week of June. Since then life has been so very all over the place, stressful, dreadfully sad, delightful, blessed and all inbetween…  

I am so happy you are at now peace Mom, I shall see you later. ❤️

Momma My Dear Momma

She shall live on… 
In her children, her grandchildren,
and indeed her great grandchildren 
even those yet born 
in every one she so lovingly touched
since being born of this earth 
The riches are many
yes every breathing being that owe 
their own life to her 
blessed we shall be called 
to have
been touched by her
As in every blade of moving grass
and beautiful breezy day
In all things nature amazing 
her spirit now 
everywhere, in every living way 

 Love you Momma, Gina (your oldest 😉 daughter) 

7 thoughts on “Momma, My Dear Momma. 

      1. I’m so sorry for delayed response. We’ve been out all day and I couldn’t respond properly from my phone. I’ve just posted the full version of the poem – I only posted a ‘short version’ previously. Hopefully this link will work now.. If not just click on my site and it’s now showing as the latest post.. Sending you a big hug – sincerely – I know what it’s like and it’s very early days for you… xxx

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