Oh My Lumpia. 

Recently one of my sisters said “lumpia”, well that’s all it took, I’ve been craving them ever since. I’m quite sure these are not your typical traditional type, but so so good all the same. Easy too.

Purchase these egg roll wrappers in the cold isle of your local grocery store. These are the larger ones, it’s just what happens when you have a mad craving for  lumpias. 

Day before I cooked up some ground turkey and simply seasoned it with ginger, garlic powder, salt and pepper

For the luimpias today I took about 2 cups of regular coleslaw pan fried it for just a few minutes, as to retain its crunch factor. I then added in my leftover ground turkey. I seasoned the mix with more ginger, garlic powder, salt and soy sauce. 

I added a heaping tablespoon of the turkey/coleslaw mixture, then proceeded to roll the lumpias one by one. Have a small bowl of water handy to wet and seal the edges of lumpia. 

I like to use olive oil in my cooking when I can, I agree it’s a healthy fat. 😉 For frying I only used a few tablespoons. Add your lumpias in once the oil is pipping hot. 

Pan fry the lumpias until brown on all sides. Serve warm (be careful the inside will be hot), enjoy! 

I really like these dipped in a mixture of mustard and ketchup, again not traditional but sure darn good. 

These are great served with freshly cooked white rice. 

Considering you’ve got turkey, coleslaw and rice going on.. this can make a great and fairly quick to come together meal. 

20 minutes till show time!  

Here’s a more traditional lumpia recipe for you to ponder… 


Happy cooking!  g. 

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