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Sometimes you just got to go with it… 

 Why can’t cervical collars be a fashion statement. I’m going for it! 


Black is always in. 

I’m thinking (just maybe) I’m rocking it. 


My white as snow look.  


Sporting my b & w polka dot look today!            4/27/2016 

Yup, I have some old ailments acting up. So this is the new me (as a passenger) on long drives. 

I was so excited to find a person on Etsy selling cervical collar covers. Now I can match the clothes I’m wearing, how cool is that. Cervical collar fashion fashionista, that’s moi! 

This gal has all kinds of cute material to choose from.

I figure it’s best to make the best of a not so best situation. 😉 Right?. 

My particular situation is a little complicated, I’m okay with it.

 I’ve had many years of an almost totally pain free existence. I am thankful to modern medicine for that. Now it seems as though my pain free time is up. 

To explain here you go…

Stay tuned for more of my ‘C.C. Looks’, I’m just getting started. 


  1. I recently had extreme pains in my neck and as a yogi i managed to solve that issue but i applaud your creativity and humour!!!

    Love it !!

    I bought in Germany a navy blue neck pillow but it came with different patterns ..i wonder why i always choose blue ?could it be Billy Holliday?

    I am inspired !¨Thank you !! I will definitely follow you !

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    • Aw, thanks for stopping bye. Funny you should mention yoga, I am so happy to report… I’ve been practicing again. I’m so happy you have found your magic. As for me my MRI’s just came in and my situation is somewhat chronic, but I’m learning to deal. I’m glad you liked my post. If you come across the website for your Billy Holiday neck pillow purchase, I’d love it. Take care, g.


      • No website, i shop offline, but it is a small shop that just happened to have provided neck pillows and at the time i did not think it would be a long “relationship” between the pillow and me..
        Be careful in your yoga practice with the neck..avoiding any extensive stretching..
        I do found however that yoga asanas when done correctly and carefully can help a lot!
        I am a trained Sivananada yoga teacher and i recommend
        what i like about this particular school is the stress on a lifestyle that addresses nutrition, breathing , thinking etc. i found it easy to follow it works on building a daily routine of basic asanas.

        Enjoy the yoga and the pillows!!!

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