Oh my Aglio E Olio! Trufflefied 

For me, this meal, well, it all started with a trip to Pasolivo…

What a wonderful trip, what a wonderful ingredient.

Check them out, shop online.

I had no idea this tiny little container would contain such goodness.

Sometimes it takes very little ingredients to make the great food magic happen…

Sometimes I prefer dried  (as opposed to fresh) herbs & spices, they are most always available, because they can be stored semi long term, and held for use on demand. On the other hand, fresh is never a bad idea when you can get it.

How to store that good stuff

In goes the olive oil

All that goodness on it’s way to being done.

Have your noodles cooking now… once your noodles are cooked you are ready to serve. 


Uh huh and there you have it… Aglio E Elio w/Truffle Salt!

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