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Oh Momma, Please Don’t Forget (her)

My Momma has Dementia.

Oh how I love her so…    


She can be such a joy to be around. 

Holidays with her are high on the list. Someday she may not recognize me anymore.   


Christmas 2015, she was thrilled with all her gifts. Some of my siblings stopped by too during the holidays. She is blessed with 8 children. We are more blessed by her. 

She has so much love to still give. She never forgets to ask about my husband and kids. She lived with us for a year and a half before her dementia got real bad. I did not realize it then, but looking back I can see now that the time we all had with her was a God send.  Two of my grand children, her great grandchildren were blessed with many special moments with her during that period. Thankfully, I’ve got pictures to share for the ages of those moments.  

She has got a big love for jewelry. At this stage she loses most things or gives them away and forgets that she does, but that’s okay, seeing the joy in her face when I bring her another new piece…  is priceless! 

When she is lucid, which luckily still occurs at times, she loves to recount good times from her childhood. I’ve learned so much more about her through my monthly visits with her. I take notes. I’m not sure if the note-taking is for me not to forget (will I get dementia too someday ?, perhaps) or if it is just to document all her interesting life stories while she is talking. I do like to think that when she sees me taking notes it makes her feel as important and significant as she really still is. Also , this note-taking, I guess it reminds me in the most profound ways that her life mattered then and still does now.  I love that she is willing to share so much. 


She loves to go for rides. I take her every now and then to a lake nearbye. Here she seems so relaxed and happy. 

How blessed I am to still have her in my life. 


She taught us to always take notice of the simple beauty around us, every single day. Something I’m in the process of passing on to my grandchildren now, her great grandchildren. 

I love you Mom, more than you know! Your oldest daughter, Gina. 

Ps. Momma, don’t forget. (her)

For more info on Dementia click here… 




Follow this link, Stages.. for information on the key stages  of Dementia

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